Do It Yourself Wedding Placecards

DIY wedding placecards are available in Word, Corel Draw, Publisher and InDesign formats. This template allows you to print your own placecards at home on pre-printed and perforated paper available online from a reputable paper dealer. Beautiful results, beautifully easy and affordable.

This template prints four-up and is available in 12 colors with embossed panels. Finished size of folded placecard is 2" x 3 1/2". The paper is 38 lb. card stock.

Several colors also have matching invitation cards, wedding menu cards, wedding program cards and response cards. We also have matching templates for these items (links at bottom of page).

You can check out available colors and order free samples of the paper here.

If you have never used this type of paper before here's the process. Complete your placecard design using by downloading the template. Make sure all elements of the design are contained within the yellow boxes. Since there are four copies per page, type a name or info within each yellow box.

Delete the yellow boxes and print a test copy to make sure the alignment is where you want it, select all elements of the design and adjust if necessary. Print all sheets.

Fold at each perforation and separate all copies of placecards, fold on the score.

If you don't have a printer at home, you can take your completed template and paper to a local printer or copy shop for printing.

Do It Yourself Wedding Placecard

The dotted lines represent where the cards are pre-perforated. Each sheet of paper contains four cards.

Be sure to delete the yellow box (around text) before printing a test sheet.

DIY Placecard 1 - Printed Area

This is the part that will actually be printed on the paper.

You can use any font you want on the card, this template uses the free font Alex Brush that you can download for free below.

Download This Template

Corel Draw Format

InDesign Format

Publisher Format

Word Format

DIY Wedding Invitation 1 Font

Available Paper Colors and Samples

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