Folder Wedding Program With Sash

This type of program has a gatefold front made of 65 or 80 lb. card stock and an insert sheet made of 60 lb. text weight stock. The insert sheet is attached to the base by staple or glue.

This type of program paper is available in kit form in sets of 25. There are hundreds of color combinations for these kits. The sash and gatfold card are prescored for easy folding.


Folder Program Template 1

Available in Corel Draw, InDesign, Publisher and Word formats. You can easily customize these templates with your favorite fonts and wedding colors.

All formats for this program include three files: the gatefold front, gatefold back and the the insert sheet, all shown in graphics on this page.

 You can purchase additional insert sheets if needed. The sash is assembled with stock labels that are included in kit price (other stylish labels are available at additional cost).

The gatefold card and insert sheet are printed on two different page sizes.

Fonts used in this program template: Black and Calibri

Gatefold Card Size: 7.5" x 11"
Insert Sheet: 7.5" x 10.5"

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Where Can I Purchase a Kit for This Type of Menu Card?



Folder Wedding Program Cover Front

Gatefold Cover Card - Front


Folder Program Inside Cover

Gatefold Cover Card - Inside


Insert Pages 1 and 4

Insert Pages 1 and 4


Insert Pages 2 and 3

Insert Pages 2 and 3

Download Color Folder Wedding Program Template With Sash 1

PDF - Gatefold Cover - Front

PDF - Gatefold Cover - Inside

PDF - Insert

Corel Draw

Corel Draw Version 7




Fonts for this Program

Completed program

Completed program folded with sash



Inside Cover and Insert Page 1

Gatefold Inside Cover and Insert Page 1. Kits come with 1 insert sheet, you can purchase additional sheets as needed.



Insert Pages 2 and 3

Insert pages 2 and 3




Insert Page 4 and Back Section

Insert Page 4 and Inside Back Gatefold Cover

Gatefold Cover - Back

Gatefold Cover - Back